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Pyrolysis Based Recovery Systems

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Pyrolysis Based Recovery Systems

PESCO BEAM is pleased to present a versatile technology that recovers valuable fuels from Refinery Sludge and Driller’s Mud and other semi-solid and solid petroleum wastes. This technology deals with a major challenging waste disposal, faced by refinery operators.

The Pyrolysis Based Recovery System (PBRS) can process hydrocarbon based Driller’s Mud, as well as any hydrocarbon sludge which has high solids content or is not pumpable, and recover the hydrocarbons as #2 Diesel, Naphthalene, and light fuels.

PBRS Technology:

The PBRS technology is based on a thermal treatment process which utilizes highly efficient and indirect heating and in absence of air.

PBRS technology’s unique features and competitive advantages are summarized as follows:

  • It is not an incineration technology (no flames and combustion)
  • There is no potential for by-products of incomplete combustion (e.g., dioxins and furans)
  • Minimum moving parts (no sound)
  • Thermal efficiency greater than 90%
  • Off-gases can be reused as fuel for the process
  • Low maintenance
  • Ideal for sites with limited space
  • Typical processing time is about 24-48 hours depending on the water content in the waste
  • Batch process for easy scale-up to multiple units for larger volumes and cyclical operation
  • Simple to mobilize and demobilize

Examples of Waste Streams Amenable to PBRS Treatment include:

  • Refinery Sludge/Tar
  • Oil Production Drilling Mud
  • Sludge from Steel Production
  • Sludge from Chemical, Paint and other industrial operations
  • Spent Grease from various industrial operations
  • Other materials

The main products from PBRS treatment typically consist of:

  • Gaseous phase (VOC, etc.)
  • Condensable phase (light and medium oils, water, etc.)
  • Solid phase (dry char and minerals)

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