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Regenerative Media Based Polishing System

Used Lubricating Oil Re-refining Systems
  Solvent Extraction Systems - for base oil
  Hydrotreating Systems
  Solvent Recovery Systems
  Pyrolysis Based Recovery Systems
  High Efficiency Dryers - with Solvent Recovery
  Biofuel Systems
  Molecular Sieve Systems
  Ethanol Production Systems
  Farm Scale Ethanol Systems
  Cellulosic Ethanol Systems
  Custom built process equipment


Lube Polishing Systems

Our LPS is different – it is from a recognized market leader:

The market has multiple sources for media based lube distillate polishing systems. Almost all of them offer such systems based on their experience with recycling products such as transformer oil. Lube oil distillate, primarily from plants that distill used motor oil, is however a completely different product – ask us. We found this truth after spending millions of dollars on such initial systems from the market place, and with the need to preserve our performance credibility, we spent time, effort and capital, understanding the intricate engineering behind polishing lube oil distillate through such media based systems. Simply stated, a PESCO BEAM designed and supplied LPS, works… reward its owner with a top quality Group 2 Base Oil at a very affordable cost. And you can bank on it.

Lube polishing systems

Lube oil distillates have completely different and complex set of properties when compared to other oils such as transformer oil. They flow differently, require completely different residence times and to get continuous production, call for careful analysis of the various cycle times. For example, where others estimated a system having 24 columns, the need was for 168 columns with feeding and exhaust systems to match. Some of the systems from others merely have the ability to perform during start-up, since the polishing media is absolutely fresh. By the time the supplier has left the plant after “commissioning”, performance starts tapering off, with every cycle. The number of plants having such non-performing (or poorly performing) systems, calling for PESCO BEAM’s assistance to set them right are many and dispersed across the globe.

Why other systems perform below par:

  1. They are designed without adequate lube oil product knowledge;
  2. They flow the feed differently from ours, leading to inefficient contacting with the media;
  3. Their designs do not provide for differing viscosities of the oil and hence the system is not balanced;
  4. Uncontrolled reactivation that leads to much shorter media life;
  5. System design not balanced. Consequently, production waits for columns to be ready.

Lube polishing systemsFeatures of a PESCO BEAM LPS:

  • Custom designed and sized for your feed and product properties;
  • Possibility of adjusting oil flow to give different product color with the clear understanding on how such adjustments will affect production;
  • The reactivation, which is thermally done, calls for proper management to ensure that the media life is high and this is in-built in our operation method;
  • Balance is the key word for continuous production. In our systems you do not ‘wait’; they are designed to produce continuously;
  • PLC controlled;
  • Optional environment mitigation equipment to deal with emissions from the system;
    Optional media filling arrangement.
  • In the US environment, with distilled base lube from a PESCO BEAM plant, our LPS has produced Group II base oil, which has been API certified.

Pilot plant and testing facilities:

We have a pilot plant facility at our manufacturing location in Chennai, India. In the event we have questions about your feed or if you desire to see for yourself what the LPS can achieve, a pilot plant trial can be arranged. We would require a minimum of FOUR barrels of your feed (approximately 220 U.S. Gallons or 840 liters) delivered at our facility for such testing.

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