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Used Lubricating Oil Re-refining Systems
  Solvent Extraction Systems - for base oil
  Lube Polishing System
  Hydrotreating Systems
  Solvent Recovery Systems
  Pyrolysis Based Recovery Systems
  High Efficiency Dryers - with Solvent Recovery
  Biofuel Systems
  Molecular Sieve Systems
  Farm Scale Ethanol Systems
  Cellulosic Ethanol Systems
  Custom built process equipment


Ethanol Production Systems

Ethanol Production SystemsPESCO BEAM’s Ethanol plants have made ethanol from industrial sugar and starch wastes and agricultural crops.

The Ethanol plants included innovations such as modern high rate anaerobic waste treatment systems which generated methane gas and liquid fertilizer which fertilized the surrounding fields.

One plant researched and developed processes to convert ligno-cellulosic residue from forestry and agriculture waste into ethanol and other high value products.

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