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Used Lubricating Oil Re-refining Systems
  Solvent Extraction Systems - for base oil
  Lube Polishing System
  Hydrotreating Systems
  Solvent Recovery Systems
  Pyrolysis Based Recovery Systems
  High Efficiency Dryers - with Solvent Recovery
  Biofuel Systems
  Molecular Sieve Systems
  Ethanol Production Systems
  Farm Scale Ethanol Systems
  Custom built process equipment


Cellulosic Ethanol Systems

The Future is Now.

Cellulosic ethanol technology has been brewing for over a decade. With numerous commercial scale ethanol plants breaking ground, the turning point for the cellulosic bio-fuel industry is now.

PESCO BEAM is ready to contribute to the growth of the cellulose bio-fuel industry with its design-build construction and engineering services. We are energized and equipped to build medium and large ethanol and other bio-fuel facilities. Optimally, we like to establish long-term business relationships with strategic partners.



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