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Continuous Conduction Heat Transfer Systems

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Continuous Conduction Heat Transfer Systems

A Continuous Conduction Heat Transfer System is an equipment that very efficiently dries, heats or cools material using conduction heat transfer through the walls of specially shaped, rotating, hollow heat transfer elements (paddles) mounted on a shaft(s). Heat is also transferred through the jacket of the trough that houses these elements, making the heat transfer area available very high and the operation, very efficient.

The equipment does not use any air for the heat transfer process, eliminating the need for large dust separation and collection equipment, normally associated with continuous convection heat transfer equipment. A very small draft of "carrier air" to remove water vapor evaporated during the process is required to complete the system integration efficiently when operating under atmospheric pressure.
The system can be operated under vacuum for recovery of solvents and when dealing with heat sensitive materials that require lower drying temperatures.



  • High thermal efficiency
  • High heat transfer coefficient
  • Easy to control during operation
  • Applicable for very wet and sticky materials
  • No breakage of granules owing to low speed revolution


  • Very compact
  • Self-cleaning heat transfer elements
  • Very little dusting


  • Drying (with or without recovery of solvent)
  • Organic and inorganic materials like PVC chips, Nylon pellets, Sodium Chloride, Ammonium nitrate;
  • Nutrition, food products;
  • Various highly wet filter cakes like Precipitated Calcium Carbonate;
  • Natural products like bran, grains, sawdust, etc;
  • Paint and other sludge with or without solvent recovery.
  • Heating (Preheating/Sterilization)
  • Cooling

PESCO BEAM has a pilot plant that can be made available at a nominal cost for testing your material, its compatibility and to prove the use of such a system for your application.

Contact us for your pilot testing needs.

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